Sunday, August 9, 2009

My last three blogs have been rather depressing. My apologies. I think that it would do my worlds of good to showcase that there are actual people behind the pretty butterfly picture at the top and that we do actually have lives.
Last night I didn't sleep for I had an amazing inspiration to actually sketch a real person. Unfortunately for me, it was five a.m. and there were, obviously, less than crowds of people to sketch. So I went through my old old old phone that is in the depths of my room and sketched everyone I could muster the talent to draw. I then proceeded to fall asleep at about ten in the A M. I woke up to find my father standing over my little nest in the living room, with a slitghtly amused look upon his face.
"Are you a cat?" He asked.
"No. I'm a no sleep."
"What is that?"
"I meant I got no sleep."
"Oh I see.Were you trying to reproduce your friends and lover in a new black realm?"
"No. I was trying to reproduce my friends so that i could have a conversation with the lot of them, but they were all too tired."
I got up to look in the mirror. I had black lines of charcoal on my face like cat whiskers and my hands were covered in black. I had black on my shirt and black on my pants. My lover walked in he door.
" You drew me?"
*thank you*
*i love you*

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