Monday, July 27, 2009


CaliasiaBella, her mother calls her beautiful flower.
She has the beauty to turn heads and yet she is simple.
Queen Anne's lace and olive trees surround her room, her small simple room in a villa in Italy.
She dreamt of being wed and of chocolate.
The smell followed her on the wind and throughout the trees when she walked.
It was the smell, the desire of chocolate and warmth.
The kinds of delicious treats that melt in the sun.
She wasn't frail, Calisbella, but she was not invulnerable.
She was weaker than she believed.
She needed a very strong guardian angel to protect her for on her journeys she would live as strong as she believed possible
Every day she lived in search of something, maybe it was the chocolate.
The world around her was so slight in its beauty and yet she knew what she was looking at.
She always saw the immaculate beauty no matter how small or insignificant.
So she took her time looking for whatever it was she was meant to find.
Because she understood all things beautiful she always exuded that beauty to others.
She tried her best to show what she saw and imagined to her friends...they never saw.
Chocolate was such a different thing to her.
She would laugh because chocolate's beauty her friends understood.
She felt superior at times because of what she felt above she would lower herself.
Praying and finding things that others were better at.
She would never be as beautiful as the other women in the villa.
She always believed she was less than others.
Then she found it.
And she was a princess, a goddess, an angel and it was what she had that no one else in the world was better at, more beautiful to, more perfect.
She basked in the sun melting all the chocolate.
Then the wind blew and the smell was still in the air.
It wasn't chocolate.
It wasn't the olives.
It was her angel.
That night the sky was lit in an eternal show just for her and her angel.
The earth shook and the trees fell.
Everything fell.
She should never have found her angel, he told her he was glad she had, but she should have never found her angel.
Then the angels fell.
And as the sun vaulted over the vineyards and fallen trees it seemed as if nothing had ever occurred.
It seemed as if the angels were still flying in their heaven.
But there were non.
There was no smell of chocolate on the sir, merely smoke and fire.
Not a single olive tree stood tall.
The villa though crumpled was bringing itself back together.
Beauty would be found soon.
Even as she was lifted and carried to her only bed now and forever,
with her angel,
for they could not separate the angels bodies,
still shown the beauty surrounding her.
The beauty of dust and tar,
and fire and death.
her eyes shown only for her angel.
She glowed.
Much much more beautiful than the others.
CaliasiaBella smelled of chocolate.


by: autumn

for: Roselie

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