Monday, July 20, 2009

My best friend thinks she is fat. My best friend just broke up with the love of her life. My best friend is trying to play games with life.

My best friend is said to not make a good wife in the future. My best friend would make a wonderful wife. My best friend is blinded by lust. he happily ever after is being ground into dust.

My best friend doesn't know how to be a best friend. My best friend is dependent on others. My best friend is a wonderful best friend, if my best friend would let go of selfishness.

My best friend is a misinformer. My best friend is too intense for life. My best friend is self centerd with a hint of low self esteem and deeply lodged issues that were self manifested. My best friend can only see my best friend in the looking glass.

Stop starring at yourself or you will become an alien. You need to give up. You need to say sorry. you know you are better and more than you say. I think you are beautiful every way.
Don't make faces or your face will
freeze that way.
Stop sitting there wth your legs open on the castle steps it's unlady like, and pick up your glass slipper there isn't anyone worthy to pick it up for you, not yet.
Give it a minute.
Stop wishing and feeling sorry stop attempting to have control over the universe, I love you, sweetheart, and you are very strong, but it's not yours to
even nudge gently in your direction.
Stop being crass and turn your mirror into a window. See how pretty the glow of love is towards you? You have your own coices and you don't have to even tell a single soul. Besides,
you are what you eat.

I'm trying my best and I love you each dearly.
But I can't seem to get any of you to see clearly.
This life is the only one you are given.
I can't help you fly if you aren't willing.
I could if you asked and I can if you let me.
But burning your heart and your brain is just silly.

See your true beauty.
Know you are worth it.
Do yourself a favor.
Let yourself love.

~Autumn Rose

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