Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...know me

Know me.
Understand what I am.
Know me, or it will break you into pieces.
I will break you into a million pieces.
I am not that which fits in a box.
I am not so easily fitting into a rubric.
Know me
Know me or It will break you into pieces.
Know before I show you and make you feel it from your core.
Until you break into a million pieces.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eat Me.

Eat me.
Drink me.
Consume me.
See me.
Be me.
Taste me.
Like me.
Hug me.
Love me.
Touch me.
Caress me.
Grasp me.
Kiss me.
Punish me.
Bruise me.
Hate me.
Tumble me.

Look at what has led you to Sin!

I am the Ponderous, Wandering Soul...

I dream of impish fancies and fairy dust. I long for starlight glamour and twilight's glitter. I wish for sunny hearts and stormy minds. I ache for the touch of love and the caress of a lover...

Tell me, fellow soul...
Tell me of the poisoned fruits and the inescapable truths.