Friday, January 30, 2009

The Other Side of the Looking-Glass...

Through the looking-glass ...


Open the door

Right or Left

Find the Moral

Dream your desire

Be Queen

Hate it

...Reverse the card.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

From this to that....

Hang up your umbrella.
It's such an
EASY thing to say you HATE something,
so easy to hate.....

I would calm the Crispy waters for you....

I would crush the Ravaging treads for you.....

I don't know why....because i hate you....

I would Save you time again....

a hard road...

I wish i could show you the lighter one....

My path is elsewhere now.

As the World Fades...


Sincere sensation


Now believing


Take the hand...

...Come with me.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Autumn's Rain

I was thinking of a title
for a blog to break your heart.
I realized i have tried too many times
too many times to count.
You There...well you surprised me and
it's not an easy thing to do.
(Especially not twice,
with a long list of tears in tow)
I wished that i could show you but
life is too cold to do it now.
But You my love aren't dead,
only wounded just a bit.
You are so much braver.
Ever barer of the harsh.
You brought a tear when i had put
All of that inside a box.
A box that i put far away to be
But i forgot shame and i forgot friendship
in my quest to lose it all...
I lost it all
the things i loved.
You included in the list.
It's hard to say "chin up my love,
We'll laugh together someday."
When i felt spite to hear it said
"you're better off, I say."
Cause in the end it matters not
What people think
or say.
Merely what my sister felt
that i missed each passing day.

I have never regretted moving up here. I miss every moment and friendship and relationship that has brought me thus far, but i stand by my decisions even now. I wish i had like a flashback syndrome to remember all the really important details. I still remember the important people though.

I wont copy you leZie, but I've been inspired by you to remind everyone of my annoying story telling memory.

Prehisoric times baby! IDk.. Charlie and Luara and Nick...and..Sara and Liana and Tiffany... okay that is the so prehistioric what i don't even remeber the last names.
Moving on!
My family that i have adopted, Alli you will always be my little sister don't you turn over to the dark side. ;) I love you girlie and im always here for a chat about boyos or something heartdeep. Sean!!! I miss you. How is Blue doing? You know that i loves you and i will always come home, no worries. Sierra girl keep your head up. I know life gets hard but i love you and your family does too. Bri-cuz i know you hate me right now but you are my cousin and i always love you and look out for you. I miss you. Be good.

Everyone from church and soyo i miss you all so much. You know i can't stay away for long. Luke I AM NOT A NOODLE! Aaron i miss you man get abck here the same time someday and we can all have our reunion. Carrisa, Cecilia, Monica, Hannahm Robbie :P, EMily. I love you all and i miss you guys so much.

Everyone from school, Jen-MF-Scharnweber! You were right as always lol i kno wyou will remember that one. You are missing out on the party of your life and i know it. I will get back some time for more craziness -Tyranasaurusbitch...heh heh heh...good times...Kinsey i miss your antics.what more can i say...OH I forgot Michal!!! Flower bitch! lol jk i miss you too girl.

Micheal, you helped me through the roughest time in my life. I wil
never forget it. Star Treck and all. I am sorry i failed you. I never
thought i would. I hope your life is full of secret happinesses.

NINA!!!! The royal family is no more but i still think of us as the queens. I could list a thousand things to our friendship but it would be highly emberasing even in code.

Raina- you know how much i miss you. Times are rough... but keep your head up girl i know you can i know you will be strong. Don't faulter for a second. Be who you are. I wrote you a letter i promise. I mean its realy in the mail this time. I remember marry orr with you! hahaha good times...
Running around the track and kite day...yeah our kites sucked... lol

Christian my crazy egyptian you are there till the end i know that. If only we weren't so hateful when we first me lol. T least i was brave enough to go against you hard core in soccer and you know i was one of theonly ones. ;)I;m so proud of your life changes and i give you my full support. Duces girl duces.

Charlotte and Sam. You guys are my two musketeers lets start a band baby! lol

Eric Is it crazy that i miss you. Cause i do.

Boi. You say betrayed, but only by yourself. I hope im not the only one who is still here. its a burden i will never have the black of heart to relieve myself of. I promised..... I promised her. You are my Melisande.

Ash. My blood sister. I don't know what to say. I miss you terribly. I love you a lot. We ate popcicles when we were two at the Dallas Zoo. We played mermaid in the public pool and beat on the boys like there was no tomorow. We watched Pretty Woman and Spicegirls like secret agents and when it came to truth or dare i promise Chris and megan kissed. We learned life together no matter how far away we were. We knew eachother in the tummies of our mommies. No matter what i love you. NOMATTER WHAT> thats what i said and i mean it when i say it. It may be hard sometimes but its always true. Chin up is a stupid thing to say but i know you are strong.

LAUREN. i dont even know what to say. You are my clear light. My creative edge. my girly! Lets dance. You can find the most intelligent people at raves ;)

If i didn't mention you, if you even read this LOL let me know and i'll add you i promise i didn't forget. ;) i just don't know what to say,but i love you just the same.