Monday, April 9, 2012


Folding, bending, breathing into that asana. Pause. 
All is pranyama breath. Acceptance. 

The softness of fingers grazing the spine as a lover traces his heart for you. 
Or perhaps it is her heart.

The husk of a sweet voice singing your favorite song.
Soothe and relax.

Holding hands over the sweet damp grass after rain.
The sun brings a blanket of fog and warmth.

The red stain of a berry on your lips.
Kissing after.

Meditation with toes touching sand.
The waves of the beach teach Patience. Love is Patience.

Crisp crackle of paper as your hands find the pages.
Feeling the familiar wrinkle of your favorite book.

Wine mulling happiness in your mouth.
Warmth and companionship to share by glass with friends.

Open heart and spirituality. 
God is love.

Soft knits and inner heat.
Stretching, dancing, being.

The pull of Serenity.
God grant me the wisdom...

Autumn: Fire