Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am hopping that by the time i am 22 i will be old enough to decide which autumn i would rather be. I don't believe i will become any less of a person if i cry my self to sleep. I don't know who i am but i have a pretty firm grip on who i have chosen the world to be. It makes me wonder sometimes if i am somehow a super hero. To be the one fish in the sea that is in actuality a shark. I am hoping that by the time i am 22 i will know what truth is. I want to be able to say "when we first met". I want to know right now that i will never change my mind. I am hoping that by the time i am 22 i will still know you. When i turn 22 tell me that you love me? Tell the truth because by then i will know. Thank you for the fireworks. I am hoping that when i am 22 i will be with you for the 4th of july and we will watch the fireworks and i wont think there is something wrong. I am hoping that you wont change your mind between now and then. I am hoping that i will be able to ask you if the sky is still blue if the sea is still vast and if the sun still shines, i will be able to ask you to tell me you love me and you will say yes; you wont be lying.


Raina ♥ said...

The frontal lobe does stop developing then... enabling better decision making... there's hope my friend! :)

Lyliane said...

This was my hope. But that assumes that i have a normal one. ;)