Friday, August 21, 2009

little drops of rain

It was like being held in someone's hand, but they were running so it was like being thrown around.
Every light had a million more and they all blinked and chased after one another. They had tails of light that wiped around and danced along with them.

There was a Ferris wheel that had a face blinking in lights and then the
one face became three faces that spun and spun and wound around and around.

There was laughter but it was under water somewhere far away.
The music was tinkling and dinging,
Da dada da dada dadingding tingaling dada.

Smells everywhere so alien.
Sweet smelling and loud smelling and too full smelling.

Then voices. They were obviously speaking a different language.

Something from a world where clocks are open and you can see the gears working to catch up with time. Time didn't belong here. Time is much too fast for a place like this.

"A Nuf Esouh! Dluow uoy ekil ot nioj em!"
Pink and green carpet was all over; mirrors moved from the inside. They breathed. Judged. This is not a house.

The world started to breathe deeper. It was compressing.
Making things look smaller; making things farther away.

Making the music sink deeper down into the water.

Goodbye music.

We left the circus.

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