Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HA Cheat!

To say the least, I have decided to protest.
I haven't narrowed it down yet
but I need more reactionaries!
I am recruiting.
Join the Absent Army!
You right there yes you!
Did you know there is a war going on?
Did you know that you have been lied to ever day of your life by filthy rich demigods on your magic telli?
Yes it's true...
SO prey that you don't let them Right out the story in their words.
Who are they? You ask.
The man in the suit telling jokes in the news room.
The woman in the dress yelling about the terror that she knows we supply.
I don't want a new generation of picket fences, nor do I want picketers.
I want the New militia, I want a revolution from a crumbling joke of a democracy to something with Truth as a foundation.
We are not equal and but we are free, and Though we can never have both.
I will use my freedom and do somefucking things about it.
It's easy. CLick the red button baby.

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