Sunday, December 20, 2009

Call me Rainbowlips

Taste beyond my skin. Dare to love every part of me. You can not. You will never. Just let me in! Let me be a part of you the way i was once a part of another! I am wholly myself and only me because i have no part of you, and you will take no part of me. There is more to life then this race, this jump into responsibility and lost causes. There is no life where you are walking, running. There there is only rocks, though solid and securely held to the ground they are dry and lifeless. I do not wish to be among rocks and stones. I wish to be among the living, the truly living. Gather up your possessions and give me a tiny piece of you that i can say that i know and i will show you the way. I know a path, though it holds old value for me for i have been there many times before i will take you to it now. It is my place and place at once of piece and chaos. It is Life it is Breath, It is Water, it is Air, it is Religion, It is Passion, It is Love. Love that can swallow you up if you will let it...

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Raina ♥ said...

I appreciate you! You've been given an honorable mention on my blog. :) See what I have made for you!