Monday, September 28, 2009

lite up your cigarette and give me a smile

angel of mine, oh sinner of mine.

lite up your cigarette and give me your arm

it's too cold outside, arch angel of mine

lite up your cigarette don't dare let me try

oh guard dog of mine, oh sinner of mine.

watch the smoke curl up and over again so fearful and curious

i wish i was it.

lite up you cigarette and send up my prayers

i don't know who they go to but they are all yours.

Lite up your cigarette and listen my dear,

can you hear them wisper of the air around our heads.

Oh my dear, it see the light in you eyes.

Oh my dear, it can feel the lightness of care.

Oh my dear... i am telling a story and it's all about sitting and feeling like things just might

change but i will have you my dear, my angel my sinner my dream and my dreamer

sit with me dont' write about me don't tell about me

just sit with me and talk with me if you ahppen to make me laugh

oh my dear it see us the smoke as it flies even farhter becoming the rest of the sky

can you see it my love my angel my sinner can you see it and breathe it.

I'm cold my dear, don't go my dear, not ever.

Just sit here and talk with me and i'll make you laugh if i can.

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