Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alex Grey

You are selfish. If you do not wish to share your works and if you truly wish to fine someone 150,000 dollars for downloading your beautiful works off of google without any knowledge of the copyright laws then you are a phony. Your art almost preaches to the souls of so many who have been on that trip as you have taken it and yet you are not even willing to come to the realization that once you have created something, image, music, video, it is no longer yours! yes you have the right that your work does not get stolen, but once it is on the world wide web, why punish those who are lucky enough to have seen your visions as you have. Sharing is Caring mister Grey. I for one am a fan of your work. I would enjoy it as inspiration if you wouldn't fine me for doing so. Guess what mister Grey. you can't stop it. it's in the very threads that float around my fingers for me to pluck and weave how ever i see fit. Watch me and maybe someday you can have a piece of mine to download. I would never fine you, nor any one else.

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