Monday, August 27, 2012


Toes grinding into earth, with arms above my head. Detachment has begun. Are these even my limbs? My feet pound the tender grass, leaving verdant scuffs on my heels. The taste has begun to tingle my tongue, and my mind surrenders to the sway.
The rushing wind picks up my skirts, as I get carried away. I taste the air and soak in the sun slipping through the boughs above, and I begin to lose humanity. My soul takes flight through the light escaping through my every pore, and my heart beats somewhere far away.
I dance to the ground, as my soul flies, and then the kiss knocks me back down. The world still spins as he holds me down, letting his hands caress his love. He takes me into the soft soft ground, and takes me as I cry in ecstasy. I am immortal, in this moment, in his arms, and he in my femininity. He eats my heart as I consume his, his spiced kisses set me afire as I return the passion. We are one on this earth, and we love as we dance.

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