Friday, December 3, 2010

Because I Found These Deliciously Intriguing...

I was looking at a lot of concept art for the Disney Princesses that is floating around the web, and I found some that were just... so different, and some very good, that I just... wonder what if they were like this? Hmm?

This one was my fav... It has so many little details that tell a story... Then again, I really never liked Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" anyway.

Those were my top choices. 
See more here.

The next in line is a series of "comic book-style" Disney girls, which, as is a tendency of the American graphic artists, are a little racy. 

But here are my favs. More to be found Here.

Again with the whole, "I-didn't-like-Sleeping-Beauty-so-I-like-this-one-better" thing.

This made me chuckle. Haha.

Not a Disney Princess, but I LOVE this one. Hook looks so devious.


I think this one is really over-sexed, and I loved Belle as drawn by the animators... however, the Beast here... fabulous.

These are much nicer and beautiful...
From "The Art of the Disney Princess."
(Real Book)

I'm done. :)

1 comment:

Cartoonifyer said...

i like Hook, and the Beast.

im not a big fan of the racy comic book style, exception being the mermaid.
but the interesting twisted art at the beginning woah i mean that crazy. honestly i can find good things about first style.

i love the fork as a hand
but sleeping beauty was was definately my favorite, (this was before i read your comment promise, lol. neat coinky dink)
the cinderella puppet was creepy crazy. haha
pocahantas might have been my second fav. true savage. X)