Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello. Goodbye.
I hold onto the most wonderful and sweetest of thoughts.
They dance inside my mind asking me whatever is next.
Oam Shanti.
They return with a vengeance if I send them away with any sort of mantra.
I collect them in my head.
Each and every experience of life is kept and becomes a part of me.
Even dreams,
and things I imagine become real and they mold with my being.
Oam Shanti.
If Tao is the non experience,
If Virtue is the mediation of all things,
If Information is the answer,
If Motivation is the First action,
If Love is the Key...
Oam Shanti.
I am more experienced than a thousand year old paraglider,
I am virtuous relatively to my mediation of all ways of life,
I am all knowing if I have no questions,
I am not lazy because I feel the best corse of action is non at all,
I hold more keys than any janitor...
Oam shanti.
I value life above all else,
And Color is second to non.
I am false humility
and categorized by psychiatrists under a term my three year old brother could come up with.
I am a bandwagon yogi and often confused-
Oam Shanti.
Blue light in....
All the good things of this world...
Grey light out...
All the bad things of this world...
...what would a grey light look like?...
Maybe smoke...
I love the way smoke looks under a color light...
Oam Shanti.
Bring your mind back,
Do not wonder.
Do not allow the stories in your mind to burst forth
Oam Shanti.
Your Mind.
Oam Shanti




My hands are quite a ways from me.
It is as if i stretch for legions.
I am sitting on the world.
Earth is getting smaller and smaller
Until it is no more.
Only me.
The vastness and I.
My hands are the first to disappear from me.
My legs uncross without me.
They seem to leave in a glowing warmth.
The warmth stays but my body is leaving me.
My back stretches for miles and years pass by.
Then it is gone.
My eyelids are almost fluttering on their own.
For each and every hour and life comes and goes in the space of a breath.
My eyes are closed but I see.
I am fathoms from myself.
I am only thoughts and only words are hindering me from leaving entirely.
Oam shanti
I try to distance myself from the words.
Rather than speaking them in my head,
I feel them in my core.
Energy Peace.
Finally 'I' am nothing.

For one moment I was nothing today. I sat in the grass next to a rushing creek behind my boyfriends house and attempted to meditate. I Have never been nothing. It was wonderful. For a few seconds i had no thoughts I just Was.

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Raina ♥ said...

Dear Autumn Rose. This is beautiful. As are you.